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IMQ Group acquires two companies in the cyber security sector
IMQ Group, holding company of the Italian Group active in testing, inspection and certification services (ICT) announces the acquisition of the majority shares of two companies operating in the IT security services sector, Intuity S.r.l. and Minded Security S.r.l. The two companies currently generate an annual turnover of approximately 4 million euros.
"After a careful analysis of the Italian market, we have selected the companies Intuity and Minded Security, whose high level of expertise has led them to be companies of recognized excellence in their respective fields of activity" said Antonella Scaglia, CEO of IMQ Group. "The choice was also guided by the complementarity of the services offered by the two companies and the common vision that we have found in terms of corporate values and aptitude for innovation. With these operations, the Group expands its presence in the IT security sector, characterized by a strong growth in demand, induced by the digital transformation underway, strengthening itself in Software Security and entering the People Centric Security. The Group thus continues to implement the Development Project according to the guidelines identified as well as its mission to promote the growth of the country, supporting those who invest in digital technologies".
"Both operations, signed in recent days, provide for a gradual acquisition of all the shares of the two companies and the permanence of the founding members, which will ensure continuity of business management. The integration of the two companies, which we hope will be quick and effective, will therefore lead to a strengthening of the Group's management team, thus increasing its growth opportunities", notes Mrs. Scaglia.
"We are excited to join the IMQ Group, because we are sure to have found a solid Italian reality, with a focus on quality and the right vision, which will allow us to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. Together we will be able to better face the challenges of the near future, responding effectively to the new market needs in terms of Cyber Security" said Matteo Costantino Meucci and Giuliano Tomiazzo, among the founding members of Minded Security and Intuity, respectively, which, following the entry into the IMQ Group, have now assumed a new name: IMQ Minded Security and IMQ Intuity.

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