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Test Laboratory

Company’s Quality/Environmental Management System and Product/Services Certification Inspection of type A

Italian Ministry of Interior
Certification of Fire Reaction
Certification of Fire Resistence
Certification of portable Fire Extinguishers
Certification of truck-mounted Fire Extinguishers

Italian Ministry of Transport
Certification of isothermal Trucks (ATP)
CE Certification of transportable pressure Equipments (T-PED)

Italian Ministry of Transport – General Commander of Port Captain’s Office
CE Certification of marine equipments (MED)
Homologation of packaging for transport of dangerous good by sea (IMDG)

Italian Ministry of Transport – Superior council of public works
Official laboratory for tests on building materials

Italian Ministry of Economy Development
CE Certification of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE)
CE Certification of Construction Products (CPR)
CE Certification of Pressure Equipments (PED)
CE Certification of Ambient Acoustics
CE Certification for Toys

Italian Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry Policies
Laboratory accredited for wine testing
Laboratory designated to carry out the analysis of samples taken during official controls. Art. 12 of Reg. (EC) No. 882 of 29 April 2004 and subsequent amendments and additions

Irish Ministry of Transport
Certification of Cars and Car Components
Certification of Motorcycle-Helmets
Certification of Child’s Car Seats

Dutch Ministry of Transport
Certification of Cars and Car Components
Certification of Motorcycle-Helmets
Certification of Child’s Car Seats

Australian Ministry of Transport
Acknowledged Laboratory for tests on Cars and car Components

Luxembourg Ministry of Transport
Packaging for transport of dangerous good by road and rail (ADR/RID)
Certification of LPG/CNG Systems for Automobile
Certification of Car and Car Components

Japanese Ministry of Transport
Car Homologation: passive safe, pedestrian protection, NVH

Taiwan Ministry of Transport
Cars and car components homologation

French Ministry of Industry
Certification of Bicycles

Japanese Ministry of Health
Laboratory accredited of food and food contact material analysis for the exportation to Japan

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior
Acknowledged Laboratory for Certification of products

General Directorate of Fire Prevention Service of the State of Kuwait
 Laboratory accredited for Fire Reaction and Resistance tests

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
Homologation of packaging for transport of dangerous good by air (IATA)

Laboratory accredited according with the Law n.46/82

Certification of Closures for Containers
Certification of Garbage Containers
Certification of industrial Helmets
Cert. of protective Gloves against Chemicals and Microorganisms
Certification of Flexible Packaging for Foodstuffs
Certification of Construction Products
Certification of Doors and other shutting Elements
Certification of metallic windows and pedestrian Doorsteps
Certification of laminated Glasses
Certification of insulating Glasses
Certification of thermally treated Glasses (tempered and hardened)

FF.SS – Italian State Railways
Certification of Resistance and Reaction to Fire and Smoke

Acknowledged Laboratory for Fire Reaction Tests

FISI – Italian Winter Sports Federation
Certification of Ski Helmets

UU.I.AA. – International Mountaineering Federation
Certification of Helmets for Mountaineering

FIA – International Automobile Federation
Certification of F1/Sport Car Components
Certification of Cardriver’s Suits and fireproof Accessories

FIFA – International Football Federation
Certification of Football Balls

Official Test Laboratory

Official Member

Laboratory acknowledged by COOP Italy for chemical and microbiological tests on food and packaging

Regione Lombardia
Regional acknowledgment for the self-test
QuESTIO acknowledgment

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